Monday, 20 August 2012

Jennifer Aniston uses body double for lingerie shots in upcoming film 'We're the Millers'



A CARING FRIEND3 hours ago
commendable ,but when the film comes out and the audience see's the film , as far as the fan is concerned he will consider himself to be seeing Anison half naked , the sin will still be attributed to Aniston none the less , Comedy is something born out of innocense , drama is something that emanates from gulit more often than not leaves the audience wanting , maturity comes much sooner to a woman than a man , this film is about a woman trying to understand herself and her life , whether to be with a fomer drug user of aspire to something greater which would require a sacrifice a woman could make and fame cannot
her not wanting to expose herself for her fiancee's sake is 
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ROY MUNSON1 hour ago
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EZEKIEL121 hour ago
DRSTOVE52 minutes ago
Wow! Look at all the pretty colors.

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